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Last updated: 15th September 2022

No Objection Certificate (NOC)

SL                                           Title                                     Publish Date Download
141 NOC of Mr. Shaikh Khalilur Rahman, Additional Project Director (E. ‍S. T and Track), Dhaka Mass Rapid Transit Development Project (Line-5): Southern Route, DMTCL 15/09/2022
140 NOC of Mr. Khondaker Ehteshamul Kabir, Additional Project Director (Administration & Finance), Dhaka Mass Rapid Transit Development Project (Line-6), DMTCL 15/09/2022
139 NOC of Mr. Kamrun Nahar, Assistant Engineer (Civil), Dhaka Mass Rapid Transit Development Project (Line-6), DMTCL 14/04/2022
138 NOC of Mr. Golam Azam Bhuiyan, Data Entry Operator, MRT Line:5 Northern Route, DMTCL 11/09/2022
137 NOC of Mr. Md. Imam Uddin Kabir, Deputy Project Director (Admin), MRT Line-6, DMTCL 11/09/2022
136 NOC of Mr. Md. Shoriful Islam, (Deputy Secretary) Project Manager (Electrical), Dhaka Mass Rapid Transit Development Project (Line-1) [E/S], DMTCL 21/08/2022
135 NOC of Mr. Md. Sarwar Uddin KhanAdditional Project Director (Elevated), Dhaka Mass Rapid Transit Development Project (Line-1) 25/07/2022
134 NOC of Mr. Md. Farhad Perves, Computer Operator Cum Office Secretary, Dhaka Mass Rapid Transit Development Project (Line-6) 25/07/2022
133 NOC of Mr. H M Raqib Hayder, (Deputy Secretary) Deputy Project Director (LA & Resettlement)Dhaka Mass Rapid Transit Development Project (Line-5): Southern Route 19/06/2022
132 NOC of Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed, Deputy Project Director (Track), Dhaka Mass Rapid Transit Development Project (Line-5): Southern Route 14/06/2022
131 NOC of Mr. Anik Adhikary, Assistant Manager (Planning/Training/Budget), DMTCL 25/04/2022
130 NOC of Mr. Md. Selim Reza, Section Engineer (Electrical), DMTCL 15/03/2022
129 NOC of Mr. Mohammad Zahidul Islam, Section Engineer (Electrical), DMTCL 15/03/2022
128 NOC of Mr. Md. Arifur Rahman, Assistant Manager (Civil), MRT Line- 6, DMTCL 09/03/2022


NOC of Mr. Md. Abdul Awal, Section Engineer [Mechanical/Mechanical (Rolling Stock)], DMTCL



NOC of Mr. Md. Ariful Islam, Section Engineer [Mechanical/Mechanical (Rolling Stock)], DMTCL



NOC of Mr. Md. Kahar Ali, Section Engineer [Mechanical/Mechanical (Rolling Stock)], DMTCL



NOC of Mr. Md. Mosharaf Hossain, Section Engineer (Electrical), DMTCL



NOC of Mr. Md. Rajib Hosen, Section Engineer [Electrical (Rolling Stock)], DMTCL



NOC of Mr. Md. Rubal Hossain, Section Engineer [Mechanical/Mechanical (Rolling Stock)], DMTCL



NOC of Mr. Md. Rozibul Islam, Section Engineer (Electrical), DMTCL



NOC of Mr. Md. Laysal Hadi, Section Engineer [Electrical (Rolling Stock)], DMTCL



NOC of Mr. Md. Mizanur Rahaman, Section Engineer [Mechanical/Mechanical (Rolling Stock)], DMTCL



NOC of Mr. Syful Islam, Section Engineer [Mechanical/Mechanical (Rolling Stock)], DMTCL


117 NOC of Mr. Al Adi Islam Sabbir, Section Engineer [Electrical (Rolling Stock)], DMTCL 28/02/2022
116 NOC of Mr. Md. Golam Kibria, Train Operator, DMTCL 28/02/2022
115 NOC of Mr. Nityananda Bhowmik, Train Operator, DMTCL 28/02/2022
114 NOC of Mr. Moriom Afiza, Train Operator, DMTCL 28/02/2022
113 NOC of Mr. Mahmudul Hasan, Train Operator, DMTCL 28/02/2022
112 NOC of Mr. S.M. Mahadi Habib, Train Operator, DMTCL 28/02/2022
111 NOC of Mr. Md. Amit Hasan, Train Operator, DMTCL 28/02/2022
110 NOC of Mr. Md. Abdullah-Al-Rashed, Train Operator, DMTCL 28/02/2022
109 NOC of Mr. Md. Golam Rabbani, Training Operator, DMTCL 28/02/2022
108 NOC of Mr. Md. Nazrul Islam, Train Operator, DMTCL 28/02/2022
107 NOC of Mr. Md. Fahim Khan Rasel, Train Operator, DMTCL 28/02/2022
106 NOC of Mr. Md. Bijoy Haider, Section Engineer (Electrical), DMTCL 28/02/2022
105 NOC of Mr. Md. Borhan Uddin, Train Operator, DMTCL 28/02/2022
104 NOC of Mr. Md. Mahmuduzzaman Tawhid, Train Operator, DMTCL 28/02/2022
103 NOC of Mr. Md. Mizanur Rahaman, Section Engineer [Mechanical/Mechanical (Rolling Stock)], DMTCL 28/02/2022
102 NOC of Mr. Md. Mozammel Haque, Train Operator, DMTCL 28/02/2022
101 NOC of Mr. Md. Mustafizur Rahman, Section Engineer (Electrical), DMTCL 28/02/2022
100 NOC of Mr. Md. Riaz, Train Operator, DMTCL 28/02/2022
99 NOC of Mr. Md.Rejwan Miah, Train Operator, DMTCL 28/02/2022
98 NOC of Mr. Md. Sah-Alam, Train Operator, DMTCL 28/02/2022
97 NOC of Mr. Sheikh Md. Anowar Hossain, Train Operator, DMTCL 28/02/2022
96 NOC of Mr. Siddik Hosen, Train Operator, DMTCL 28/02/2022
95 NOC of Mr. Solaiman, Train Operator, DMTCL 28/02/2022
94 NOC of Mr. Mohammad Abdur Rouf, Additional Project Director (Finance & Administration), MRT Line:5 Northern Route, DMTCL 20/02/2022
93 NOC of Mr. Ahmedul Hasan, Assistant Manager (Signaling), DMTCL 17/02/2022
92 NOC of Mr. Md. Akram Hosen, Section Engineer (Signaling & Telecom), DMTCL 17/02/2022
91 NOC of Mr. Sajib Debnath, Section Engineer (Signaling & Telecom), DMTCL 17/02/2022
90 NOC of Mr. Proshanta Sarker, Section Engineer (Signaling & Telecom), DMTCL 17/02/2022
89 NOC of Mr. Afzal Hossain, Section Engineer (Signaling & Telecom), DMTCL 17/02/2022
88 NOC of Mr. Khakon Ali, Section Engineer (Signaling & Telecom), DMTCL 17/02/2022
87 NOC of Mr. Krishna Paul, Section Engineer (Signaling & Telecom), DMTCL 17/02/2022
86 NOC of Mr. Md. Nazmul Haque, Section Engineer (Signaling & Telecom), DMTCL 17/02/2022
85 NOC of Mr. Masuk Rana, Section Engineer (Signaling & Telecom), DMTCL 17/02/2022
84 NOC of Mr. Nahidul Islam Talukder, Section Engineer (Signaling & Telecom), DMTCL 17/02/2022
83 NOC of Mr. Md. Shahjalal, Section Engineer (Signaling & Telecom), DMTCL 17/02/2022
82 NOC of Mr. Md. Wali Ullah, Deputy Project Director (Signal & Telecommunication), MRT Line-5: Southern Route, DMTCL 24/11/2021
NOC of Mr. Kazi Mohammad Omar Karuque, Deputy Project Director (Mechanical), MRT Line:5 Southern Route, DMTCL
80 NOC of Mr.Khalid Saifullah Sardar, Deputy Project Manager (Civil) (CP-05), MRT Line-6, DMTCL 17/11/2021
79 NOC of Mr. Md. Enamul Huque, Deputy Project Director [Civil (U-2)], MRT Line:5 Northern Route, DMTCL 10/10/2021
78 NOC of Mr. Krishna Kanta Biswas, (Joint Secretary) Additional Project Director (Environment Health Safety, Land Acquisition & Resettlement), MRT Line-6, DMTCL 04/10/2021
77 NOC of Mr. Mohammad Shaiful Islam, Project Manager (Environment & Health Safety), MRT Line-1 [E/S], DMTCL 23/09/2021
76 NOC of Mr. Md. Sohel Rana, Deputy Project Director (Depot & Elevated), MRT Line:5 Southern Route, DMTCL 22/09/2021
75 NOC of Dr. Md. Moshiur Rahman, Additional Project Director (Civil, Underground), MRT Line:5 Northern Route, DMTCL 15/09/2021
74 NOC of Mr. H M Raqib Hayder, Deputy Project Director (LA & Resettlement), MRT Line:5 Southern Route, DMTCL 12/09/2021
73 NOC of Mr. Mostafizur Rahman, Station Controller, DMTCL 26/08/2021
72 NOC of Mr. Swarno Kanti Sarker, Assistant Manager [Mechanical (Aircon & Door)] 23/08/2021
71 NOC of Mr. Md. Mazharul Islam, Deputy Project Manager (Finance), MRT Line-1 [E/S] 11/07/2021
70 NOC of Mr. Mohammad Moniruzzaman, Project Manager-3, MRT Line-6 29/06/2021
69 NOC of Mr. Mohammad Rashed Wasif, Deputy Project Director (Admin), MRT Line-5: Northern Route 06/04/2021
68 NOC of Md. Shahriyar Kabir, Assistant Engineer (Electrical) 05/04/2021
67 NOC of Kamrun Nahar, Assistant Engineer (Civil) 05/04/2021
66 NOC of Mahmudun Nayeem, Sub-Assistant Engineer (Civil) (CP-01) 24/03/2021
65 NOC of Md. Sohel Rana, Sub-Assistant Engineer (Electrical) (CP-02) 24/03/2021
64 NOC of Md. Kamruzzaman Talukder, Sub-Assistant Engineer (Electrical) (CP-05 & CP-06) 24/03/2021
63 NOC of Muhammad Monoar Hossen, Sub-Assistant Engineer (Mechanical) (CP-05 & CP-06) 24/03/2021
62 NOC of Md. Mehedi Hasan, Sub-Assistant Engineer (Mechanical) (CP-07) 24/03/2021
61 NOC of Md. Rakib-Ul Islam, Sub-Assistant Engineer (Mechanical) (CP-03 & CP-04) 24/03/2021
60 NOC of Md. Shahidul Islam, Sub-Assistant Engineer (Mechanical) (CP-08) 24/03/2021
59 NOC of Md. Shamim Ahmed, Sub-Assistant Engineer (Mechanical) (CP-02) 24/03/2021
58 NOC of Md. Saifur Rahman, Sub-Assistant Engineer (Civil) (CP-05 & CP-06) (Civil Lab) 24/03/2021
57 NOC of Masum Khan, Sub-Assistant Engineer (Civil) (CP-03 & CP-04) (Civil Lab) 24/03/2021
56 NOC of Md. Abu Sufian Sarker, Sub-Assistant Engineer (Civil) (CP-06) 24/03/2021
55 NOC of Mohd. Abdus Salam, Assistant Manage (Electrical), DMTCL 21/03/2021
54 NOC of Md. Nazmul Hasan, Assistant Manager (Escalator), DMTCL 21/03/2021
53 NOC of Md. Rasidul Hasan, Assistant Manager (Telecom and AFC Depot Maintenance), DMTCL 21/03/2021
52 NOC of Md. Sajid Hasan, Assistant Manager (Operation Control Center Management), DMTCL 21/03/2021

NOC of Md. Abdul Wadud (Additional Secretary), Additional project Director (Environment, Health Safety and Resettlement & Land Acquisition) MRT Line-1 (E/S)

50 NOC of Md. Moudud Ahmmed, Station Controller, DMTCL 16/03/2021
49 NOC of Md. Rejaul Karim Sumon, Station Controller, DMTCL 16/03/2021
48 NOC of Nasrullah Ibn Hakim, Station Controller, DMTCL 16/03/2021
47 NOC of Belal Ahmed, Station Controller, DMTCL 16/03/2021
46 NOC of Md. Saddam Hossain, Station Controller, DMTCL 16/03/2021
45 NOC of Asma Akther, Station Controller, DMTCL 16/03/2021
44 NOC of Md. Rashedul Hasan, Station Controller, DMTCL 16/03/2021
43 NOC of Arif Choudhury, Station Controller, DMTCL 16/03/2021
42 NOC of Md. Shabbir Ahmed Rony, Station Controller, DMTCL 16/03/2021
41 NOC of Md. Shakher Ali, Station Controller, DMTCL 16/03/2021
40 NOC of Md. Jahangir Alom, Station Controller, DMTCL 16/03/2021
39 NOC of Muhammad Raek Zaman, Station Controller, DMTCL 16/03/2021
38 NOC of Md. Mahabul Haque, Station Controller, DMTCL 16/03/2021
37 NOC of Md. Bayezid Bastami, Station Controller, DMTCL 16/03/2021
36 NOC of Mishuk Kumar Dey, Station Controller, DMTCL 16/03/2021
35 NOC of A.K.M. Najmul Hoque, Station Controller, DMTCL 16/03/2021
34. NOC of Md. Al-Amin, Station Controller, DMTCL 16/03/2021
33 NOC of Md. Humayun Kabir, Station Controller, DMTCL 16/03/2021
32 NOC of Ibrahim Khalil, Station Controller, DMTCL 16/03/2021
31 NOC of Md. Shahjamal Mondal, Station Controller, DMTCL 16/03/2021
30 NOC of Md. Anwar Hussain, Station Controller, DMTCL 16/03/2021
29 NOC of Md. Saidul Islam,  Station Controller, DMTCL 16/03/2021
28 NOC of Md. Aslam Hossain,  Station Controller, DMTCL 16/03/2021
27 NOC of Tapos Kumal Bromho, Station Controller, DMTCL 16/03/2021
26 NOC of Mohammad Forhad Hossain, Station Controller, DMTCL 16/03/2021
25 NOC of Ahsan Habib Chowdhury, Station Controller, DMTCL 16/03/2021
24 NOC of Mukunda Kumar Paul, Station Controller, DMTCL 16/03/2021
23 NOC of Md. Sujan Mia, Section Engineer (Electrical) , DMTCL 11/03/2021
22 NOC of Nasir, Section Engineer [Electrical (Rolling Stock)], DMTCL 11/03/2021
21 NOC of Jewel Miah, Section Engineer (P-way & Civil Works), DMTCL 11/03/2021
20 NOC of Abdul Mannan, Section Engineer (Signalling and Telecom), DMTCL 11/03/2021
19 NOC of Md. Siedur Rahman, Section Engineer (Signalling and Telecom), DMTCL 11/03/2021
18 NOC of Ramjan Ali, Section Engineer (Electrical), DMTCL 11/03/2021
17 NOC of Md. Nazmul Haque, Section Engineer (Mechanical) 11/03/2021
16 NOC of Md. Solayman Shekh Sozib, Section Engineer (P-way & Civil Works), DMTCL 11/03/2021
15 NOC of Md. Shakil Miah, Section Engineer (Electrical), DMTCL 11/03/2021
14 NOC of  Md. Nazmul Islam , Sub-Assistant Engineer (Civil) 25/02/2021
13 NOC of M Rahat Ahmed, Sub-Assistant Engineer (Civil) 25/02/2021
12 NOC of Mr. Md. Nizam Uddin Miah, Additional Project Director 26/07/2020

NOC of Mr. Sohel Ahmed Accounts Officer


NOC of Mr. Shanti Moni Chakma , Deputy Project Director (Deputy Secretary)


NOC of Mr. Farida Yasmin , Deputy Secretary, Project Manager


NOC of Mr. Md. Mahboob Ul Alam , Additional Project Director (Civil, Transport, Planning & Utility)


NOC of Mr. Md. Arafat Hossain, Sub-Assistant Engineer (Civil) 


NOC of Mr. Md. Rayhan Sobhan Rana, Sub-Assistant Engineer (Civil) 


NOC of Mr. Md. Shahidul Islam, Sub-Assistant Engineer (Mechanical) 


NOC of Mr. Md. Mizanur Rahaman, Sub-Assistant Engineer (Electrical) 


NOC of Mr. Md. Kamruzzaman Talukder, Sub-Assistant Engineer (Electrical) 


NOC of Mr. Nahiduzzaman, Sub-Assistant Engineer (Mechanical) 


NOC of Mr. Md. Shah Ali Hayder, Sub-Assistant Engineer (Civil)





Md. Nazmul Islam

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